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Siddha - A Very Gentle Force (1975)

Publié par Sébastien sur 10 Février 2009, 22:29pm

Catégories : #Album of the Week

"A flower is by nature soft, sweet, and fragrant. So are we....but due to being covered up by layers of material elements we appear hard, even to ourselves...we desire to love and be loved...the rock does not love; matter is dead energy...A corpse fails to exhibit love...I want to feel love for you. I don't want to see you or treat you as a 'thing" or object to exploit or use...I want to be friends with you...But real friendship is deeper than cocktail party friendship...I want to taste unlimited, eternal love. I am tired of living in a world of hard-heartedness, not just others, but my own also. I'm tired of living, yet being dead. I am tired of having conversations, but never communicating. I'm tired of singing, but being without a song. I'm tired of having friends, yet never knowing them...I humbly ask to be forgiven by anyone of you who may consider me to be a fool or wishful thinker for wanting to go beyond the artificial suffering world which we all know...transported to the eternal realm of...Krishna, the real friend of each of us."

~Siddha, November 1975

L'évocation de cet artiste dans l'article consacré à Bob Brown a, semble-t-il, aiguisé la curiosité de certains visiteurs. Quand un gourou, nommé Chris Butler, totalement fêlé du citron (notre bonhomme se considère comme le second descendant de Dieu), livre, par miracle, un album folk cosmique et ésotérique à la beauté troublante et parfaite...

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