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Jaffray School Theatre Workshop Presents The Seven Sided Dice (1978)

Publié par Sébastien sur 2 Septembre 2009, 23:32pm

Catégories : #Album of the Week

"Once upon a time ago"...That is how all stories begin isn't it ? The Seven Sided Dice is no exception to the rule. It's raining and Vicki, Marney, Bookworm and Liz-Bet are bored. "What is there to do ?" complains Marney. Grandad has an Idea. The Children may each choose a game and a throw of the dice will decide which game will be played first. Liz-Bet proudly shows them the strange dice which she says a seagull gave her on the beach yesterday, but when she throws the dice, strange things begin to happen.

Warning ! Some of the specials lighting effects may cause discomfort to epileptics.

Once Upon A Time

Grandad We Are Feeling Blue

Over There Are The Ennemy


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