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Bill Jerpe - Bill Jerpe (1970)

Publié par Pilou72 sur 30 Mai 2009, 09:40am

Catégories : #Album of the Week

Belle pépite aux multiples reflets : pop, folk, blues...

Chronique glanée sur la bible des trésors cachés : Acid Archives

Jerpe's only album is an odd duck in the singer/songwriter world. Unlike most of the genre, it is clearly rock rather than folk. Nonetheless, despite electric arrangements, the production (heavily reverbed vocals mixed so high that the instruments sound almost muffled) keeps these songs from reaching their full rock potential. Jerpe is obviously influenced by Dylan (The voice is Dylan circa "Nashville Skyline"), but I could see this album appealing to Velvet Underground or Bowie fans (it doesn't sound like either of them, but has a certain underground vibe).


The songs aren't exactly hooky, but have enough weird moments with pianos, slide guitars and falsetto vocals to make them memorable. Despite the low budget production, this music is quite colorful. Add all of this to the mildly eerie cover photos/art and this album is as distinctive as anything in the genre. The songwriting is decent to very good, and this neat record will appeal to a wide variety of quirky tastes. Jerpe had some earlier 45s with his last name spelled "Hjerpe". [AM]

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