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Curtis Brothers - Memories (1975)

Publié par Sébastien sur 17 Mars 2012, 14:28pm

Catégories : #Album of the Week

Randy’s music meant a great deal to him. He was able to share this special talent with others and bring happines to them. Through this album, and another to be published later, his music will live on.

We are thankfull that, with God’s Help, Randy was able to finish this recording. The final mixing was done only five days before he died, after a sixties-month fight with cancer.

We wish to thank the many kind friends who lent us money to make this album – Randy’s Dream – A reality.

Taken from the back cover

Curtis Brothers


I've Been Down This Road Before




The Moon Is Shinning Brightly


The Aged Died


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Etienne 13/08/2012

Même si c'est peut-être une des dernières (vu l'absence de nouveaux posts depuis presque 3 mois), je te remercie pour cette nouvelle découverte. Ton article m'a incité à faire l'acquisition de ce
fabuleux album. Un de plus ! Merci encore et bon vent Sébastien.


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