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Rich Howe - A Summer (1970)

Publié par Sébastien sur 25 Juillet 2011, 13:45pm

Catégories : #Album of the Week

C’était vital, j’avais besoin de ce disque coûte que coûte, l’amour que je lui porte est assez indescriptible, sans doute irraisonné. Mais écoute après écoute, cette évidence s’est imposée : "Personne ne peut l’aimer autant que je l’aime". Bien plus que le disque d’une saison, le disque d’une vie.


Rich Howe


De manière générale, mes avis divergent de ceux de Patrick Lundborg mais sa chronique de "A summer", dans la seconde édition d'Acid Archives, ne pouvait que me réjouir. Voici les meilleurs passages :

At first glance this may seem like yet another amateur 'loner' loser album, but young Mr Howe turns out to have something else up his sleeve. It's surprisingly mature in mood and the songwriting is both varied and personal. There is a bit of solo McCartney in here, but it pulls more towards adult contemporary than teenage pop. The sparse guitar and piano arrangements are sophisticated, and the short songs have tempo shifts and complex bridge sections. A low-key organ and backing vocals are put to good use...

One could pull out 3-4 tracks and make this like a dreamy late 1960s teen-ballad trip a la Summer Sounds, but the full LP is more multi-layered and refective than that. It's hard to see any wider collector audience for this, but it impressed me...

Patrick Lundborg - The Acid Archives (second edition).




Something Happens (To A Guy On An Island)




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I am the author. Just a note to the reviewer. It would be difficult for me to have a solo McCartney in my work since his first solo album came out a year after mine. Rich Howe
My goodness ! I have only been able so far to listen to the three songs posted by Sebastien here, and have since then been trying to find a copy of this LP of yours. I have to say that these songs are tremendous, much much better than any of McCartney's solo work,, IMHO.There's such a sense of purity in what I'm hearing in them, such an obviousness in the way it flows and flows... You should have it reissued (that would be wonderful news). I haven't had the honour to listen to the whole album, but I'll be over the moon to do so, if you still have copies to sell or CD(R)s perhaps to sell. here's my address : faurefre@wanadoo.fr
Could you send me a message to this address : contactpilou72@gmail.com. I would like to get more infos about you and your music? Thank you. Sébastien
<br /> My name is Person.<br />
<br /> <br /> S'il ne devait y avoir qu'un exemplaire,c'est bien chez toi qu'il devrait-être car à lire cette ferveur qui t'habite....nul autre n'aurait le "droit" d'en posséder une copie!<br /> <br /> <br /> Gardien du vinyle,mélomane averti....vive toi!<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />


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